EXCLU: Ally Maki and Kal Penn Join Tom Huang’s ‘Dealing With Dad’

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We got our hand on some exclusive casting news for an upcoming Indie film. It seems that Ally Maki and Kal Penn has joined the latest film by Tom Huang‘s titled Dealing With Dad. The story follows a slightly dysfunctional family, as the kids have to deal with their clinically depressed father. Huang was selected among a number of screenwriters to join the Film Independent’s Screenwriting Lab2015, which helped him gain a grant to produce the script of the film. He is now finally tackling the project after his success with the award-winning Indie film Find Me in 2019, which he wrote, directed, and starred in.

Cloak and Dagger‘s Ally Maki will tackle the role of Margeret Chang. Maki is a fantastic choice for the lead, as she was great in TBS’ Wrecked. Some might also recognize her voice from Toy Story 4, where she played Giggle McDimples. The role of her father will be played by Dana Lee, who some might recognize from Curb Your Enthusiasm. There is also the casting of Kal Penn, who is a great addition to the cast. His filmography ranges from Harold and Kumar to hit shows like House M.D. and Designated Survivor. Even with his extensive past as a comedy actor, he certainly has proven himself in more serious roles.

The concept of a dysfunctional family is always a fascinating one to explore. Dealing With Dad will take a closer look at how much a person can change when facing depression and if a family can truly forgive their behavior from the past. It certainly sounds like a story many will be able to relate to. Going by the cast The film is set to start production in spring, so we might see more casting news in the coming weeks.

Source: IndieWire, Film Independent, Find Me

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