EXCLUSIVE: Amazon’s ‘PAPER GIRLS’ Casting Missy Tieng Ahead of May Production Start

Paper Girls tieng

A few days after announcing its four main leads, Amazon’s Paper Girls is now looking to cast a few more characters to the project that will adapt the Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang comic. We’ve learned that production is actively searching for a Chinese-American girl, who is between the age of nine to eleven. She will play Missy Tieng, who is the little sister of Erin Tieng, one of the titular characters. Missy is, as of yet, set to appear in two episodes of the series’ first season. These will consist of the pilot and the fourth episode.



If you’re familiar with the comic series, it released 30 issues between 2015 and 2019. Missy is hardly a presence in the first few issues (the ones that should be the main focus of the first season). She shows up in the opening pages as her big sister is having a nightmare, where she must save her. Missy only frowns at her after Erin wakes her up from the said nightmare to check up on her. This way, having the character show up in more than a single episode at such an early stage of the show might deviate from the source material, and that it is taking extra care of highlighting her relationship with Erin. Especially as she has a more prominent role down the line. It just isn’t while she was eight years old. By dealing with time travel, the comic series often brings together different versions of the same character, from different timelines. Erin Tieng ends up meeting her older self, and in doing so, she also meets her little sister At that time, Missy was a helicopter pilot, which comes in handy as the story progresses. This way, having Missy have a bit of a larger role early on might enhance her presence further down the line.



Paper Girls will be shooting in Chicago from May 17 to June 24, and with principal photography less than a month away, we should expect several actors to join the cast. So, we could older versions of the girls or even the villains, which the comic series certainly has a lot of. The series premiere on Amazon’s streaming service is unannounced as of now. It’ll be interesting to see what other changes we might expect once the show enters production and expands its cast.

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