EXCLUSIVE: ‘Blue’s Clues’ Celebrating its 25th Anniversary With a Music Video

blues clues blues clues anniversary

We’ve all had that show we watched as a kid that just stuck with us through the years. For me, it was my yearly visits to the United States when I would get to watch Blue’s Clues. The original series aired back in 1996, where the world was introduced to Steve Burns playing a fictional version of himself and his dog Blue. He would go on to host the show for four seasons before his younger brother Joe took over, who was played by Donovan Patton. The show ended in 2006 but saw a reboot with Blue’s Clues & You in 2019. Now that the show is back, many wondered if we might get a celebration for its upcoming 25th anniversary. We can now exclusively reveal that the upcoming Blue’s Clues celebration will be in the form of a celebratory music video.

They are currently casting fans of different generations to share their enthusiasm for the long-running series. There already has been a visual going around teasing a potential vent since February, but there was no official announcement so far. It looks like Nickelodeon aims to explore the franchise’s history and celebrate the viewers that stuck with the little blue dog since he got introduced to the world back in 1996. There is currently no word if we might see the return of the original host Steve Burns or even Donovan Patton. Surprisingly, they aren’t doing a special episode, but it’s a nice sentiment to have fans of all ages become part of a franchise they grew up with.

Source: NickAlive

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