EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ms. Marvel’s Powers Were Changed To Connect to Other MCU Stories

And it’s definitely for The Marvels.

Easily the most divisive element of Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel is the altered powers of Kamala Khan as the creators behind the series changed Kamala’s origin from an Inhuman who has her powers awakened one fateful night to a normal teen who receives a magical heirloom. Her powers are changed from a form of elasticity called embeginning to very visual, crystalline energy powers akin to Green Lantern.

While it remains to be seen how it will all work out within the context of the show, series executive producer and character co-creator Sana Amanat explained in a conversation with us why the power was changed in the first place:

I talked to them a little bit and gave some feedback but I do know from my understanding that it was something that was important to connecting powers to other MCU stories and the next phase. At the same time, it was connecting it to her lineage and identity. My favorite part of how they evolved her powers was the idea that it was connected to her own life and her family’s experience.

Sana Amanat

Fans have theorized that the powered heirloom Kamala receives in the series has to do with the upcoming The Marvels, a film slated to be her next appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That corner of the Marvel Universe has featured objects of similar power such as the famous Quantum Bands so it wouldn’t be surprising if that ties into it. Whatever the heirloom ends up being, it’s pretty clear that the figureheads over at Marvel Studios wanted the heroes of The Marvels to have a unifying visual identity as Carol, Monica, and Kamala all have similar energy-based powers.

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