EXCLUSIVE: ‘Reed’s Point’ Was Originally Part of the ‘Very Frightening Tales’ Anthology

reeds point origin

Horror movies remain all the rage for any production no matter the budget. Reed’s Point joins the list of countless horror films, as it explores the legend surrounding the mysterious Jersey Devil and a mysterious accident. Two friends decide to return to the scene of the crime to uncover what truly happened that day and find their missing friend Kesley.

We got a chance to sit down with actress Madison Ekstrand, who plays the character of Kelsey in the film, to talk about her experience with the project, especially as she is also working with director Dale Fabrigar on his upcoming anthology series Very Frightening Tales. In the interview, she revealed that Reed’s Point was originally part of that series before becoming its own feature film.

I think Reed’s Point was originally going to be part of Very Frightening Tales, but the story was just too good to put into a short film. So, they wanted it to be a feature film.

Madison Ekstrand

She also revealed that they’ve actually started work on the anthology series of shorts before they tackled the feature film. Ekstrand offered a little insight into how different the experience was working on the film in comparison to the

I actually did the TV series and then I hopped into the feature film. It was different because in the little shorts I did, you’re more working with the director. It was me and maybe two other cast members. So, you got all this time with the director. But with Reed’s Point, you have to worry about the other people.

Madison Ekstrand

It certainly sounds like jumping from the smaller format into a full feature film was a different experience. She shared her enthusiasm for potentially working with director Fabrigar again, and perhaps there are other shorts that have the potential of growing into a larger production. You can read our review of Reed’s Point right here if you are interested to get our thoughts on the film.

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