‘Fantastic Four’ Director Matt Shakman on Casting Rumors, What He Learned from ‘WandaVision’

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Though it won’t go into production until early in 2024, Marvel Studios Fantastic Four might lead the country in rumored castings. The roles of Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Johnny Storm are certainly among the most coveted in all of Hollywood and will provide the respective talents that fill them with at least a decade’s worth of security. The constant spinning of the rumor mill and theorizing about the upcoming film are nothing new to director Matt Shakman, who boarded the project after original director Jon Watts departed it to work on his Star Wars series Skeleton Crew.

Shakman’s time on WandaVision, Marvel Studios’s first streaming series and certainly the most “water cooler” one to date, allows him some unique perspective on the ongoing social media craze that surrounds the casting for Fantastic Four, as he explained to Comic Book.

There are a lot out there, man,” said Shakman of the casting rumors. “They really are. It’s pretty crazy. As I learned from WandaVision, too, it is so lovely to see the level of engagement that fans have with this material, because I’m a fan too, and I have been reading Fantastic Four since I was a kid,” the director explained.

WandaVision‘s mysterious nature in concert with its weekly release schedule led to some wild fan theories that kept the series front and center on social media from week to week. Fans often conflated theories and rumors with facts and ended up disappointed more often than not as the Grim Reaper, Reed Richards and Doctor Strange never showed up. However frustrating it was, the experience did show the enormous amount of passion MCU fans have for certain projects, something Shakman hopes will carry over to Fantastic Four.

I love these characters,” said Shakman of Marvel’s First Family. “I love the chance that we have to bring them to the MCU and I really want to get it right and I know that everybody out there is really excited and feels passionate in the same way wanting to get it right. And so I encourage it. I think it’s great,” he continued before adding, “but yeah, I have no early answers for anyone today about casting.”

While there’s nothing to be gleaned about the potential cast of Fantastic Four from Shakman’s comments, at least we can all rest well knowing someone learned something from WandaVision.

Source: Comic Book

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