‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake Will End With Third Entry

final fantasy 7 remake end

The Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary was quite an event. Not only did we get updates on the various mobile games but confirmation on a remake of the Crisis Core game, as well as the title for the next entry after the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It turns out the game will be titled Rebirth and that is not all the announcements we got. It was also confirmed that the current “Remake” franchise will end as a trilogy.

The third title has not been named and is likely going to be in development for quite a bit longer. Rebirth’s first trailer seemingly hints at Cloud and Sephiroth working side-by-side, which hints at the classic flashback sequence from the game. Plus, they may twist these events, especially with the team being more aware of what’s happening. The “imposter” discussion could be a hint at that and further solidify the uncertainty of how the game may move away from the original.

So, for those that were wondering how they’d pack the entire original game into multiple entries, it does seem like the first game was the only true remake of the original Final Fantasy 7. As we saw at the end of the last entry, not only does it hint at Aerith potentially surviving but even our old friend Zack is seemingly alive due to the events changing. So, wherever the game is heading next, it’s not going to be what we’ve played through in the original.

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