First Details on ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Winter Soldier DLC and Cloning Lab Finally Arrives

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It’s been a while since we got an update on what exactly Marvel’s Avengers has to offer. While the recently sold Crystal Dynamics studio made many wonders if the game might even survive the year, it seems that a major update is still on the way as teased some time ago. The game is introducing its latest hero in the form of Winter Soldier, who will be made available on the 2.7 update as of November 29th. And it looks like he’s not going to come alone.

In the latest blog entry, the Winter Soldier update will also be the final introduction of the Cloning Labs Omega-Level Threat. For those that may have only recently tried out the game or heard of it, Cloning Labs was one of the first major additions teased for the game’s launch. It was originally meant to release shortly after the rollout but a troubled release led to many delays.

Still, it’s finally going to arrive and will be added as an Omega Level-Threat, which is pretty much the game’s major event. The main villain has been teased with a recent warzone addition as AIM has revived the original game’s antagonist MODOK and he’s ready to take his revenge. You can join the event if you’re over Power Level 175, which was hinted at earlier and we have a new level cap at 185 moving forward.

Back to Winter Soldier, Scott Porter will voice the character and joins a star-studded cast. They already teased we’ll once again get an animated intro to the character hinting at how he finds himself in this world similar to what we received with Jane Foster’s Thor earlier this year. He is highlighted as not an echo character but as a combination of Captain America and Black Widow with a unique move-set. He’ll also come with a Heroic Mission chain but don’t expect a story mode as we’ve last seen with Black panther last year. Sadly, it seems the game has moved on from that element and is mainly focusing on its multiplayer offerings moving forward.

Source: Play Avengers

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