First Footage for Rumored ‘THE MANDALORIAN’ Game May Have Leaked Online

mandalorian game leak

Here’s an interesting surprise. Around April, there was a rumor going around that a video game adaptation of The Mandalorian was in development. There never was an official word on the game, but it looks like we may have gotten some potential leaked footage of what may be that rumored game. Either that, or an incredibly made leak showcasing the potential of a game based on the popular Disney+ series.

There are quite a few rough parts to what is being shown. The chapter select and audio stand out for being very unfinished. It also seems to follow the chapter structure from the series, which seems like an odd choice for a game adaptation. Yet, the approach of a third-person game as Mando fighting your way through hordes of Stormtroopers is an enticing offer if it turns out to be real.

There are some elements that speak against it. You can find a popular mod of Din Djarin that was used in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order some time ago. Plus, it may also turn out to be a mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II that got quite a few gameplay upgrades. If it does turn out fake, respect to the modder who put the work in. The prospect of a game version of The Mandalorian is an exciting one, and with rumors of an open-world game eyeing a 2023 release, it would be the perfect concept as you hunt down various bounties while doing missions

Source: GamesRadar, YouTube, YouTube (Mod)

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