First Look at Canceled Marvel MMORPG’s ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse’ Inspired Design

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Daybreak has been trying to set up an MMORPG for Marvel for quite some time. They worked on it before it was eventually canceled, only to go through the entire process an additional time. We’ve long wondered what it was going to look like and many assumed it might be closer to what they’ve done on DC Universe Online. Yet, as shared by UI and Motion Designer, Ramiro Galan, it may have been quite a bit different than expected.

He took to his personal ArtStation to share concept art that was made, which was first shared on Reddit by u/LongJonSiIver. The designs were made by him, as they went for a stylistic design that would pay homage to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. It also seems to have some Pixar influences given the 3D Model’s designs that are being showcased.

The designs are actually pretty nice, though it does seem interesting that the power selection and outfits are mostly just t-shirts and pants. So, it doesn’t seem like you could make your own superhero costume, but that might be something you unlock while playing the game. Of course, what would be fun is to see the designs of the iconic Marvel heroes The selection of teams might just be something they’ve added as a base, but I’d be down for a game as a SHIELD agent in the world filled with superheroes. We’ll see if an MMORPG concept manages to pick up speed at another date potentially.

Source: ArtStation

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