First Look at ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Wakanda Location Leaked

Marvel’s Avengers had a rough start. Yet, I still believe the foundation is promising. Bugs have been an issue that the team has been actively working on. They were transparent about the issues they fixed with their last patch. Sadly, 1,000 bugs isn’t a great thing to hear but they could’ve just hidden it as well. Crystal Dynamics is working on the game’s current core issues. Yet, they are also developing the next DLC update.

We know that we will be getting Kate Bishop in October followed by Hawkeye. The last War Table did reveal that originally Black Panther was going to be included but due to the tragic circumstances they decided to skip. So, we are waiting to get an idea of what else is heading our way. They promised a roadmap later down the line. It’s been a few weeks since launch and we’re still waiting. Well, that was until now. A Twitter user that goes by @mmmmmmmmmiller started sharing information from the game. The user started sharing an image that he proclaimed is part of the upcoming Wakanda update.

The image doesn’t scream Wakanda at first sight which had me skeptical. It includes that the mining facility for Vibranium is in the background. It’s just a bit more industrial rather than the futuristic look we get in the MCU’s Black Panther. The theory is that there are two distinct areas known as Borderland and Jungle. A raid will take place in the mining facility. Players will get to fight Klaue. Sadly, no information if Wakanda would include its own Outpost.

I tried to research if there was any other image that would match but couldn’t find anything. It’s not an in-game model so I wondered if the game used artwork assets in the game. The Chimera Outpost seems to use artwork from the Helicarrier which could give this some credibility. The game uses a mix of artwork and in-game stills which makes it a bit confusing.



So, I wanted to see what else would be shared to see if anything else would match what we know so far. We got a good look at a Black Panther emblem. This seems to be similar to the 3D model we saw during the last War Table’s tease. The person shared the names of the various suits that leaked shortly after the Beta ended for Kate Bishop. They also point out the character will have two distinctive challenge cards. One will be free and another premium. It would make sense to give people access to some content and then adding a paid layer instead of locking all costumes behind a paywall. If this is true, it is great to see some new locations added to the game. I do hope that the city of Wakanda is also included in a future update and not just the forest. There is a chance that assets are changed later on but it’s a glimmer of what’s to come.

Source: Twitter

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