First ‘Scream 6’ Set Photos Tease New York City Setting

scream set photos

It looks like Scream has found a new home in the upcoming sixth entry, as Twitter user @topgirlcassidy has shared some set photos from Montréal, Canada where they are filming the sequel. Yet, many of the vehicles have seemingly hinted at the sequel taking place in New York City, as there are NYPD cars and license plates on the vehicles. It’s quite the departure from the story normally taking place in Sidney Prescott’s (Neve Campbell) hometown of Woodsboro California. You can see the set photos here:

The franchise made a grand return with its latest entry simply titled Scream brought back some iconic cast members and reintroduced Ghostface to a new generation. Yet, the sixth entry will be its potentially biggest departure with Campbell no longer involved in the production. It’s unclear how they will continue to tell this story that commonly revolves around Sydney Prescott, but they may be redefining the franchise.

Of course, some familiar faces are making their return and it’s not going to be a full-on reboot of the franchise. The new setting in New York City could possibly be also just a temporary switch and doesn’t necessarily mean that the franchise is completely moving away from Woodsboro.

Source: Twitter

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