First Tease of the Long-Rumored ‘One Piece Odyssey’

one piece odyssey

Just recently, we got a tease of what may be a hint that we’ll get our first official look at the upcoming live-action Netflix series for One Piece. It was part of what would end up being six tweets to hype up an announcement on March 28th. Yet, it seems like that was only part of it all, as more tweets arrived teasing even more details such as the upcoming film RED, collectibles, and the manga. Now, it seems that a new duo of photographs has arrived that include a very distinctive visual style similar to One Piece World Seeker. It may be our very first look at the long-rumored One Piece Odyssey game.

As per usual, the photos are only a glimpse into what is coming, but it looks like something happened to the Thousand Sunny that led to our team getting stranded on a new island. The trademark for Odyssey was first revealed back in June of 2021 but wasn’t officially confirmed until July. Around the same time, it was leaked that Spike Chunsoft was supposedly developing the game.

What made it interesting is that you can make an original character, who joins Luffy in a war. It seems that the plan is to turn it into a GaaS like game with future expansions, multiple islands, and RPG elements. Battles would work as a 3D Fighter in the vein of Burning Blood with Devil Fruit and Haki abilities. Originally it was supposedly eyeing an early 2022 release, but it still was never officially announced until our first glimpse today. We’ll see if Monday comes with more news on the project.

Source: Twitter, Play3, AltChar

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