Former VFX Artist Shares Experience Working for Marvel Studios

There have been many discussions made on Social Media in regards to Marvel’s use of CG. While some tend to drag it down for one reason or another, there’s been an overall industry issue at play for quite a few years now. One former VFX artist for Marvel Studios has opened up on the experience on Twitter.

Druv Govil has shared his side of working on a Marvel TV series and how that experience also led to him leaving the industry. He calls the production house as a “horrible client” but also highlights that this is mostly due to their deep pockets that they support the industry with.

We, of course, have no detailed insight into how exactly Marvel functions. Yet, there are instances that hint at them having the habit of changing elements shortly before release, which would naturally slam any industry.

There will likely be people who had positive experiences as well, as we’ve seen in the past such as some statements. Everyone’s mileage can vary but there definitely is an industry problem with VFX agencies. We’re seeing many face issues throughout and might see more statements in the future.

Stranger Things recently was highlighting how their VFX teams worked until even after the series released on the show. Only to push a tweet claiming that Vecna’s design is without CG. Cats’ production even re-released a version after hitting theaters with better effects.

This issue is also sadly not unique to the VFX industry, as a rise in demand for cheaper and cost-effective services has become the norm in many others. The advertising industry also works on a sink-or-swim survival tactic with the biggest clients inquiring last second changes repeatedly. Internal management also plays a big role as works get dumped on the various team that have little to no say. We’ll have to see if this current movement will potentially be the point where the VFX industry unionizes.

Source: Twitter

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