GEEKED WEEK: Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ Adds Anthony Hopkins

rebel moon hopkins

Zack Snyder has made himself a nice home over at Netflix. Not only was he able to create a new franchise based around zombies with Army of the Dead, but he’s also now taking a step beyond the stars. Geeked Week offered us a small tease of what’s to come, but that wasn’t all. Now, the all-star cast for Snyder‘s upcoming sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon, has once again added a new member to its cast. This time around, it looks like Anthony Hopkins will have a role in the film as revealed by the official Netflix Geeked account. the best part is they even announced who he will be playing.

According to the official Twitter account, he will be playing a sentient robot named JC1435, who once protected the slain king. So, we sadly won’t see Hopkins on-screen but get to enjoy his voice coming out of the robot. It does look like we’ll have to wait a bit until we get a good look at how JC1435 looks like, but the first teases of Rebel Moon have been quite promising so far.

Snyder has big plans for the new sci-fi series, as he aims to roll it out not only as a singular film but plans to build a franchise around it. Netflix’s new model has been quite strong in trying to bank on the success of these projects to establish franchises that aren’t dependent on a specific medium either. Even The Witcher got an anime spinoff and has a live-action one on the horizon. So, we’ll see just how big this franchise ends up.

Source: Twitter

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