Ghostbusters Day: ‘Afterlife’ Sequel Title, New Comic and Animated Movie Announced

As part of Ghostbusters Day, Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman announced the “code name” for the sequel to his 2021 film. The sequel, which will seemingly pick up right where Afterlife left off, is in development under the working title “Firehouse.”

Reitman’s return to the franchise his late father, Ivan Reitman, began in the 80s comes as no surprise. Recently, Sony chairman Tom Rothman indicated the company’s interest in continuing to develop the franchise following the moderate success of Afterlife, which made just around $200M at the box office, with about two-thirds of that coming from U.S. audiences. While no plot details were released, the post-credit scene for Afterlife saw original Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore return to the firehouse that served as headquarters for the original team. “Firehouse” looks sure to capitalize on that nostalgia and continue the story of the Spengler legacy.

In addition to “Firehouse”, an in-universe limited comic series from Dark Horse Comics and an animated movie were also announced. Jennifer Kluska, who recently directed the fourth installment of the animated Hotel Transylvania franchise, will co-helm the animated film with Chris Prynoski (Motorcity).

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