‘God of War: Ragnarok’ Teaser Trailer Confirms 2021 Release

There were some exciting reveals in the latest PlayStation Showcase. Final Fantasy XVI finally got revealed and is returning to the franchise’s roots. We got some gameplay for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. They even announced an open-world Harry Potter game with Hogwarts Legacy. We also finally got an official price and release date. It is already coming out in November, so it is amazing to think how long they dragged out the reveal. At the end of the PlayStation Showcase, they surprised us with one last announcement. The long-awaited sequel to God of War is coming.

Anyone else got chills from that? We only hear Kratos talking to his son Atreus. He wants him to prepare for something before the official subtitle Ragnarok is revealed. It was to be expected that the follow-up would use this title. Kratos fulfilled the prophecy that would lead to the end of the world we know. Somehow the former Greek God of War has a tendency to do so. The logo also seems to confirm the never-ending winter that will befall Earth. thor was briefly teased throughout Kratos’ travels until he confronted them in a secret ending. Now, we will finally get a chance to confront the iconic Norse God and I cannot wait to continue the storyline. This might already be my most-anticipated game of 2021 and I haven’t even seen any gameplay.

 Source: YouTube

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