‘GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK’ To End The Franchise’s Norse Storyline

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The latest PlayStation Showcase finally gave us our first look at the sequel to God of War. After the events of the original trilogy, the Spartan Kratos found his way to the north where he would father a son, Atreus. This Norse tale would see them both face off against familiar faces from northern mythology. At the end of the last game, the death of Baldur started Fimbulwinter, which is the first step towards Ragnarök.

First look at 'God of War Ragnarök' shows a war with Asgard | Engadget

The title for the next entry confirms that we’ll enter the final days of the Norse Gods. Alongside the first trailer, we did get a full look at this game’s version of Thor who might be the main threat throughout the story. We assumed it would lead into a final entry, but it looks like the Norse storyline was only ever planned for two entries, as the game’s director Eric Williams confirmed in an interview.

Yeah, I mean, you can’t call the game God of War Ragnarok and not have Ragnarok happen in the game. So it’s [going to] happen. We’re going to cap off the Norse series with it.

Eric Williams

The interesting reveal is that Ragnarok ending the “Norse series” implies that there are more plans for the franchise’s future. In the 2018 entry, we briefly saw teases from other pantheons. It seems likely with the introduction of Tyr we might get a chance to visit other realms one way or another. Artwork teased that the sequel was going to visit Egypt at one point, which might still be in the cards.

If the upcoming game is the ending of the Norse storyline, it does open up the question of how they’ll introduce the elements of Ragnarök in the story. We know that the World Serpent is from the future, but there’s no sighting of the Fenris Wolf. He’s an integral part of the story that might get explored in the sequel. We’ll see what Santa Monica Studios has in store for players.

Source: ComicBook, Metro

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