‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Sequel Working Title Teases Storyline

godzilla vs kong sequel

It’s not long ago that we learned that Adam Wingard was starting work on the upcoming sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong. Monsterverse was seemingly facing its end with the big clash between the two Eastern and Western Kaiju giants but surprised many, as it was the film to kick off the box office during the pandemic. Now, work has seemingly started and the film’s production title may be teasing what exactly the film will be about.

@KDM_Monsters shared what seems to be the clapperboard for the upcoming Monsterverse entry, which includes the working title. It appears that it’s currently filming under the title “Origins” which raises some questions regarding what we can expect from the upcoming project. In a way, it does seem to imply that the next entry may either explore the origins of either Godzilla or Kong, especially which was already set up in the latest entry, or even act as a prequel.

It should also be pointed out that it confirms that Ben Seresin is back as the film’s cinematographer, as he’s also worked on the previous entry of the Monsterverse. The Godzilla vs. Kong sequel will have a lot of heavy lifting to do, as it not only has to continue where the previous one left off but also potentially build up the future of this franchise; if there is one at all.

With an Apple TV+ series on the horizon, there are many questions about what we can expect and with no clear announcement, if this sequel is about Kong or Godzilla, it does add some questions if it might move away from the big two in future entries. Here’s hoping that they may get the momentum they are looking for to give us a third entry in the Godzilla franchise.

Source: Twitter

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