‘Godzilla vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard in Talks to Direct Next MonsterVerse’s Film

godzilla vs kong sequel

It looks like the hashtag movement #ContinuetheMonsterverse worked, as Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Godzilla vs. Kong‘s director Adam Wingard is already in talks to tackle the next entry in the MonsterVerse franchise by Legendary Studios. As stated by THR, this is a great surprise after Godzilla: King of the Monsters underperformed with only $386M in the worldwide Box Office. Luckily, the latest entry passed $400M globally while releasing simultaneously on HBO Max and during a pandemic. It is the top-grossing movie since the pandemic completely halted the market last year. It also isn’t even opening in all markets, which could add to its performance moving forward. It is uncertain which character’s story he would continue.

As Godzilla vs. Kong was originally going to end the franchise after it lost Box Office momentum, this is great news for MonserVerse fans. It is uncertain if this project will be fast-tracked, as Wingard is also set to direct a ThunderCats adaptation. Still, according to their report, the director was heavily involved with the development of the Hollow Earth plotline and they have been cooking up ideas since. They even believe that a Son of Kong project might be in the works and could be the one he’ll tackle next. Legendary will try to build on this film’s success and they seem to be looking at spinning off multiple installments. So, we could see Godzilla and Kong splinter off into their own franchises before they get a second showdown. Whatever they decide, we cannot wait to see more Titans in the future.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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