Grace VanderWall on the Challenge of Writing an Original Song for ‘Hollywood Stargirl’

hollywood stargirl song

Grace VanderWall had a lot of weight on her, as not only was she taking the leading role this time around in Hollywood Stargirl, but she also had the challenge of creating a completely unique song for the film. It’s not the first time as she also made one for the first, but this time around she actually had an “assignment” to prepare one and it looks like it caught her by surprise initially, as she talks about the experience during the Disney+ film’s press conference.

I’ve never done that. I’ve never, like, been asked to write anything about anything before. Like, I’ve never had, like, maybe an assignment is the wrong word. But, like, an assignment. So I was really nervous because I was like, “Oh god, everyone thinks I can do this. And I’ve, like, never done it before.” But it worked out. I did it. And it was easy. But yeah, it was really, really fun. I was so honored that I got to write a song for the movie again. Because I love writing and I love the movie and it was fun.

Grace VanderWall

She also highlighted that her biggest challenge was including Elijah Richardson in the song, but he wasn’t cast at the time she was working on the project. So, she started work on it very early in the production process, which added a unique challenge but she still managed to add a memorable song to the film.

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