‘Halo: Infinite’ Delayed Until 2021

Gaming will soon enter its new generation with the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Some major IPs are being continued as flagship series to sell these consoles. Just recently, we got a major event showcasing the latest entry into the Halo franchise that would help sell the upcoming new Xbox. Halo: Infinite gave us our first good look at Master Chief in action while showcasing the hardware’s potential. At first, it seemed like the perfect showcase of what the console is capable of. That was until some took a closer look, and reactions ended up rather mixed. This was in large part due to the quality issue of the stream but it had some fans worried. Now, in a surprising announcement, the upcoming console seller was delayed until 2021 in a tweet from the official account.

343 Industries, the team behind the latest entry, decided to delay the release in large part due to the ongoing pandemic. It’s shocking to see, as it was going to be one of the launch titles for the new Xbox and help push its sales in the booming holiday business. Game sales have been up all year, so this was the perfect time to get these new consoles out. We still do not have an official release date or pricing. XBox Series X is still rumored to release in November but who knows if there are more delays to be expected.

No matter how one feels, this is a great decision by 343 to prioritize their employee’s health. There have been many discussions around the topic of crunch culture in the industry. Naughty Dog was already heavily criticized for its harsh over time with the release of The Last of Us 2. Nintendo, however, delayed Animal Crossing: New Horizons from its initial 2019 release date to avoid any health risks. Even if we have to wait a little longer, it is good to see these production companies setting their priorities and, in the end, it gives them more time to work on the game.

Source: BBC, Twitter, Reuters, Kotaku, TechCrunch

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