Hiram Garcia Teases the Ambitious Plans for Superman and Black Adam

After keeping it secret for quite some time, Dwayne Johnson slowly let the cat out of the bag over the past couple of weeks during the lead-up to the premiere of Black Adam: Henry Cavill is back as Superman. With the Man of Steel’s return to the DC Universe coinciding with the arrival of superpowered anti-hero Black Adam, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the two might run into one another down the road. According to producer Hiram Garcia, when the two do meet, it won’t be only for a brief chat.

If those guys cross paths, it’s really not just about a showdown…there’s much more we would want to do. We like to really think about the long game. And we like to think about some really interesting long-form storytelling with two characters that are so polar opposite but kind of from the same place in terms of power and approach. So if we are able to pull that off, some way, someday those guys cross paths, it’s not gonna be a quick thing. We have some big ambitions for that.

Hiram Garcia

Garcia and Johnson certainly seem to have the fans in mind as they look for a way to move forward the story of Teth-Adam and the shared DC Universe. Fans have been eager for Cavill to return to the role of Kal-El that he first inhabited in 2013 and, over the last few years following his appearance in Justice League, the hopes for that return seemed to dwindle. With Cavill back on board and firmly in the mix to mix it up with Black Adam in a sequel to one or another of their solo projects, it seems Johnson’s Seven Bucks production company is taking the lead in keeping the DC Universe on track for the time being.

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