How to Watch ‘Black Adam’

Dwayne Johnson‘s 15 years of dedication and passion to Black Adam didn’t result in the type of box office he or Warner Bros. Discovery hoped for and any of Johnson’s future plans for the character seem to have been blown to bits by the change in leadership at DC. However, if you didn’t catch the film in theaters and still want to see it, it’s now as easy as ever.

Black Adam, which had previously been available on VUDU for a $24.99 rental, is now available on these platforms at these prices:

  • HBO Max: free with subscription
  • VUDU: buy for $19.99
  • Prime Video: buy for $19.99
  • Redbox: buy for $19.99

The film was not well-received critically, compiling a 39% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 41 Metascore on Metacritic. Audiences seemed to enjoy it a bit more, giving it a B+ Cinemascore. If you already subscribe to HBO Max, you can enjoy what looks like Dwayne Johnson’s one and only DC film appearance for free starting today!

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