‘Joker’ Sequel Will Receive Massive Budget Increase From First Entry

joker 2 production budget

Here’s quite the surprise but it looks like the upcoming Joker sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux will have a twice as large budget as the previous entry. While it did surprise many when it pulled in over a billion at the international box office in 2019, it seems that the ambitious sequel will have quite a higher investment than the previous entry. The first was reported to have a budget between $55M to $70M, and it now seems that the latest entry will be closer to a high-budget Marvel film in scope.

According to Variety, the film will have a budget of $150M due to the high salaries of Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips, who are expected to get $20M. Lady Gaga, the long-rumored addition show as recently confirmed, will get $10M. That is not all, as the production costs will get raised quite a bit due to the complicated musical sequences that are planned for the project, even if Variety hints that it’s closer to A Star is Born than In the Heights.

We’ll have to see just where the budget will go, especially if the project is mostly taking place at one location. Perhaps they plan to have the dance sequences break the mold of reality and add interesting showpieces to the two dance sequences. It does seem curious how the budget ballooned for the sequel after Phillips statements in regards to keeping the project “smaller and more personal” in the past but we’ll see how the Joker sequel will turn out.

Source: Deadline

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