Josh Andrés Rivera Joins ‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel

hunger games prequel

The upcoming Hunger Games prequel film has been quite busy with casting. We got the big casting of Rachel Zegler in the leading role of Lucy Gray Baird. She’s the songbird in the title of the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Tom Blyth has also been cast in the title role of Coriolanus Snow, who would eventually grow into the antagonist of the original Hunger Games. Now, they’ve added an additional member.

Josh Andrés Rivera has joined the cast in the role of Sejanus Plinth. It marks a reunion for the actor who also appeared in West Side Story alongside Zegler. He’s taking on the role of Plinth, who is a close friend to Snow and also the mentor for the tribute from District 2, who will be played by Jerome Lance.

The film has been busy casting as they are preparing to start produciton. Just recently, they added five new members to the cast which includes the previously mentioned Lance alongside Know Gibson, Aamar Husain, Ashley Liao, and Mackenzie Lansing. The cast is coming together and it’s going to be exciting to see how they welcome viewers back to the franchise with Snow’s younger years.

Source: Deadline

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