Kevin Feige Willing to Experiment with Episode Lengths for Marvel Studios Disney Plus Series

The length of the episodes of Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series has been the subject of internet debate for quite some time. With WandaVision’s early episodes all checking in around 30 minutes, it’s clear that somewhere down the line the episodes are going to get longer in order to add up to the 6 total hours of time promised by the studios. In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige shed some light on how the studio is experimenting with the episode lengths in some of the upcoming series.

Well, we’re looking a little differently. We’re looking at it as developing them as either six hour-episodes, or nine or 10 half-hour episodes. So, for instance, WandaVision started that way and Falcon and the Winter Soldier as 30 minutes, but because it’s streaming, it’s Disney+, and the rules have blurred over the years, yes. Some can be 23 minutes. Some can be much longer than that. But She-Hulk, for instance, is being developed as 10 30-minute episodes. Some will be longer and some will be shorter. Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier is being developed as six 40-50-minute episodes.

Some of what Feige said confirms things we’ve been hearing for some time, such as She-Hulk’s ten episode first season. However, it’s the first time we’ve heard any info on episode lengths for either The Falcon and The Winter Soldier or Loki, both of which are apparently going to be 6 episodes averaging 45 minutes a piece, giving a total run time of about 4.5 hours, or 2 movie’s worth of time devoted to these characters.

Source: Collider

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