‘Knightfall’s Natalie Holt to Score ‘Loki’

It is crazy to think we are so close to finally getting some Marvel Cinematic Universe content after a long hiatus. WandaVision finally premieres next week. It is going to be the first of potentially six shows for 2021. It’ll be followed-up by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier before Loki joins the service in May. We still know very little bout the shows, as it wasn’t until the recent Disney Investor’s Day that we got an official first look at most of the series alongside a release date. All eyes were on WandaVision, as it is releasing soon, but it looks like Loki has also been quite busy.

According to Film Music Reporter, Natalie Holt has joined Loki. She joins director Kate Herron and head writer Michael Waldron’s production team. Holt is known for her work on the TV series Knightfall and Amazon Prime’s upcoming Herself. She was also a part of 2014’s Paddington music department. It’ll be interesting to see what she brings to the series. The brief melody played during the initial Loki trailer is already a fantastic tease of what is to come.

It is crazy to think what a huge surprise the series focused on the God of Mischief turned out to be. When they first announced he was getting his series, I did not expect him to meddle in humanity’s history alongside the TVA. I also didn’t expect he would turn out to be the MCU’s version of D.B. Cooper, so we’ll see how else he ends up leaving his mark throughout time.

Source: Film Music Reporter, IMDb

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