Latest ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos Offer Best Look Yet at Michael Keaton’s New Batman Suit

batgirl michael keaton

A few days ago, we got the first look at Michael Keaton arriving on the set of Batgirl in his Batman costume. Sadly, it was a bit difficult to make out due to it being quite dark and far away. Luckily, it seems that some more photos have found their way online that offer a better look at his updated suit for the HBO Max film. You can check out the images provided by @JTsLeague right here:

The costume looks great and surprisingly similar to what he wore back in 1998. Even the headpiece seems to follow the same structure, but we won’t know for sure if he can finally tilt his neck until the film releases. There’s always the chance that the fabric being used can replicate the look but also offer some more functionality for Keaton while acting. It’s certainly no longer a rubber suit that needs to be ripped off of him so he can escape it. The biggest addition seems to be the shoulder pads that connect to the cape and the cowl. He did have some in the original but it’s way more pronounced this time around.

If you look closely, his logo has also been changed slightly. It seems closer to the one he had in the original film and not its sequel, which altered it slightly to be closer to the logo used on most of the promotional material. As we haven’t gotten a good look at his costume in The Flash, it’ll be interesting to see how much they may have changed or adapted between these films to keep his look fresh. No matter what, it looks great and hopefully we get an official look soon.

Source: Twitter

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