Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Teases a Big Summer

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Marvel’s Avengers released its second event with the Red Room Takeover. Of course, that also means we get our weekly developer stream that offers insight into what is happening with the game. They went through the usual bug discussions. Yet, there was also some curious teases about what we can expect this summer. Without further ado, let’s jump into the updates

  • They have discussed some ongoing bugs. Some Red Room Takeover players have an issue with loading the second wave, which is getting looked at. There is also a bug that you won’t receive the reward that is getting looked at.
  • Champion levels have a UI issue, where they say +3 rather than 3%. They work as intended but will offer clarification soon.
  • The largest hint involved future updates, especially regarding new enemy types. It got confirmed that we will get a large batch of new enemies this summer, which could hint at Black Panther’s release. A brief mention also mentioned multiple villain sectors getting included in the expansion. There was a brief tease that Wakanda will be the most comic-inspired of all their design.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the nameplate for the Hulu MODOK show, you can unlock it by finishing the boss battle with the iconic Marvel villain.


Marvel's Avengers gets a Black Panther expansion later this year •


  • Patrol Mode will not include a mini-map, but you can expect a new update that helps guide you through the open world.
  • Omega-Level Threats may release in the next patch, but that is not definite. They are currently working on three with the Cloning Lab to follow the first one’s release. There is also a big maybe in regards to a MODOK multiplayer mission.
  • They are looking into implementing the possibility to play multiple heroes as a permanent addition due to its popularity after the Tachyon Anomaly event.
  • Crystal Dynamics is taking a closer look at the feedback on the skins, especially regarding hair.
  • Elevator conversations are being looked into due to newer generations’ faster loading time skipping the elevator sequences.
  • Gear 2.0 will see incremental changes that offer more flexibility on how to establish your build.

It sounds like some larger updates are definitely in development. Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the current event was intended as a minor update, as they are trying to focus their work on what is heading our way. Here’s hoping the upcoming E3 and Summer Game Fest events will offer more details on what the future holds for the game.

Source: Twitch

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