Lee Majdoub to Return as Dr. Stone in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Sequel

sonic dr stone

Ever since the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel announced that Idris Elba would voice Knuckles, we haven’t heard much about the project. It’ll return to the little town of Green Hills, as Sonic tries to live a normal life with the Wachowskis. Yet, as the post-credit sequence of the first film teased, he’ll get wrapped up in more chaos from his former life. Of course, there’s also the disappearance of Dr. Robotnik into a mushroom dimension and his potential return. Luckily, it seems someone will be keeping his seat warm until his eventual return, as Lee Majdoub will officially return as Dr. Stone.

His return does signal the potential appearance of Robotnik in the sequel. Jim Carrey‘s performance was a highlight of the first film, especially his dynamic with his assistant. The touch of using National Coffee Day to reference Robotnik’s love for his latte with steamed Austrian goatmilk. They made a great duo and there’s a lot of potentials to explore the vacuum left behind by the manic genius.

They did work with the government in the first film. Perhaps his involvement could lead to the creation of GUN, which has also been teased some time ago. Robotnik’s drones might be useful in the right hands, and with the existence of little creatures running fast enough to create a sonic boom, they’d prepare for anything. It’s also a great way to integrate elements from Sonic Adventures 2 to expand the film’s adaptation of the character.

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