Mahershala Ali on Taking On the Mantle of Blade After Wesley Snipes

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It was quite a surprise when during the last San Diego Comic-Con attended by Marvel Studios when Mahershala Ali walked out on stage. What caught us even more by surprise was the reveal of him taking on the role of Eric Brooks, the famous vampire hunter feared as Blade. Of course, he’s not the first to take on the role, as he’ll take over from Wesley Snipes, who played the character back in 1998.

In an interview with Jake’s Takes to the new Apple film Swan Song, he was asked about what makes his version different from Snipes take. The Academy Award winner gave a great response on what it means about tackling this kind of role and carrying on the mantle:

You know, what I look forward to is earning it. I look forward to earning, you know, there’s an anticipation for it, there’s an excitement for it that he owns, that Mr. Snipes owns, you know? And so in filling his shoes, I’m just working to earn my place in this. And I’m excited to get going and do the work.

Mahershala Ali

We only got a voice clip of the actor as Blade during Eternals post-credit sequence, and we still don’t know when the project will enter production. But you can see that the actor is excited about the role and we can’t wait to see his take on the character. You can check out the full interview here:

Source: YouTube

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