‘Mamma Mia’ Director Offers Update on Third Entry

mamma mia 3

Throughout the years, ABBA’s iconic music has defined the landscape. So, a film based around those iconic melodys would certainly draw in quite the audience. And that it did with style, as the first Mamma Mia led directly into a just as popular sequel. Yet, we’ve long been waiting for an update on a possible third entry in the franchise and luckily director OI Parker definitely has plans to make that a reality.

In an interview with ScreenRant, the director got a chance to tease that there are active plans for another entry in the franchise and that producer Judy Craymer always envisioned the musical as a trilogy.

Judy Craymer, the genius producer behind the musical and the first two films, always plans for it to be a trilogy. That’s all I can say. The first one made an enormous amount of money, and I think we made a fair amount too. I know that there is a hunger for a third, and I know that she has a plan. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

OI Parker

The excitement is definitely there but it does seem to be missing some kind of update on what the timing might be. There’s no official casting or confirmation of actors returning to their respective roles. Fornow, there’s a lot of excitement to give the franchise another chance but we might have to wait just a little bit until they officially get the cameras rolling and the music playing.

Source: ScreenRant

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