Marineford and Dressrosa Confirmed for ‘One Piece Odyssey’

one piece odyssey marineford

January will finally see the release of One Piece‘s most ambitious project yet, One Piece Odyssey. The game will explore our favorite Straw Hat pirates revisiting their own history through memories with slight changes adding never before seen challenges. While we still don’t have all the details on the game, Jump has been busy promoting the various storylines that’ll be featured and it seems Jump Festa was used to confirm two more new additions.

It’s unclear if this includes all storylines, but it looks like One Piece Odyssey will include two new additions to its stories, Marineford and Alabasta. Most of the showcases seem to closely follow the stories we know with some rather curious additions such as Sabo joining the confrontation against Donquixote Doflamingo, or Corazon taking Luffy’s place in stopping him from stomping on Trafalgar D. Law.

They shied away from teasing any new events during Marineford, but it’ll be interesting to see how closely they stick to the original tales or how they try to twist them in new and interesting ways. Marineford saw Monkey D. Luffy face the marines on his own with some unlikely help form his time in Impel Down.

Now, he has his crew with him that could make all the difference even if they are powered down due to JRPG logic. One Piece Odyssey is shaping up to be quite an interesting entry in the franchise and might offer something unique even to long-time fans of the franchise. Here’s just hoping they haven’t revealed everything and we also have some East Blue stories in there as well.

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