Marvel Brazil/LATAM Announce “Black Widow Virtual Run”

It seems Marvel is starting to ramp things up and kick it back into high gear.

Today, the official twitter account for the Latin American branch of Marvel Entertainment announced the first-ever virtual edition of the “Marvel Run”, inspired by the upcoming “Black Widow” film.

Now, basically, Marvel Run is a Marvel-themed marathon where people can choose to run either a 5k/10k race, as a way to exercise themselves and promote a worthy cause. Now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this Marvel Run has become a virtual one, where people can run the distance they’d like so long as the person is able to take the safety measures necessary to participate healthily.

Now, what is interesting about this year’s Marvel run is based on the upcoming Black Widow film, set to release in November. And with that Marvel Run announcement, came some new promo arts and videos along with an unlisted, updated version of the Final Trailer for Black Widow, uploaded on August 18th of this year from the official Brazil Marvel Entertainment Youtube channel. (All listed below)


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