Marvel Studios Cracking Down on ‘Ant-Man 3’ Script Leaker

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It’s not been easy for a studio like Marvel Studios which has been well-known for keeping secrets as of late. Almost every other day, it seems like some new leaker finds his way online with information on projects that haven’t even been announced yet or castings that should not see the light of day until the actual release. Yet, there have been some even bigger actions such as the recent leak of the entire Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania script before the film even hit theaters.

It seems Marvel Studios is also no longer sitting idly by, as there have been rumblings of several actions to avoid the number of leaks collected throughout the pandemic. The longer it took for productions to hit theaters, the wilder the theories and rumors got creating a perfect storm dragging down some of the projects due to high expectations and a two-year vacancy. Now, it seems Marvel Studios has enacted a DMCA takedown notice on Reddit.

As the script ended up getting shared in January, it landed on Google which led to a copyright infringement move by Marvel Studios to get it off the internet as fast as possible. Google did remove the content but their next target was Reddit. The post got taken down before even Reddit could react, but they are still actively looking to identify the culprit.

The only issue is that it was enacted through the /u/MSSMods account, which was a shared moderator account for Marvel Studios Spoilers; a quite famous hot spot for the latest leaks and news. They are still actively looking for whoever and it seems that r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers has been shut down due to legal actions. It’s unclear what the future might have in store but one thing is for sure: Marvel Studios is not going to just let anyone get away with it moving forward.

Source: Torrent Freak via The Direct

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