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Marvel Studios Hunt for Its Ms. Marvel Continues

In early January, I had heard that Marvel Studios had settled on an actress for the role of Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel for its upcoming Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel. At the moment, it appears that search is ongoing.

Early this afternoon I learned that Marvel Studios had either reopened or extended the search for an actress to play Khan. This means one of two things: the original actress either didn’t sign on/dropped out of the role or one was never found in the first place. I’m inclined to lean into the former as the source who shared the news with me originally has been incredibly reliable.

Regardless of the scenario, this is an important character for the studio to cast and one that will come both with great fame and great stress, especially for a young woman 15-20 years old. As of now, it appears we may not find out the identity of that young woman any time soon.

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  • Lokistan

    Just a question, do you have any idea on how casting works and how someone could get an audition

  • Jason Gura

    My Top 10 Actresses Who Should Play Ms. Marvel In MCU 1Sabrina Carpenter 2Daisy Ridley 3Lily-Rose Depp 4Saoirse Ronan 5Dakota Fanning 6Elizabeth Gillies 7Zahia Dehar 8Gigi Hadid 9Aiysha Hart 10Sherlyn Chopra

  • M

    Dua Karim a young UK Muslim Pakistani actress would be perfect for the role. She's amazing in Man like mobeen

  • Maya Aliza Jamil

    Hi how can I apply to audition for this please?

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