Marvel Studios’ Untitled Film for October 2022 Pushed Back by a Year

blade 2023

It isn’t unusual for film release dates to get mapped out years in advance. Marvel Studios is no exception to this rule. It makes it easier to predict when the various projects might release in the coming years. Now, when Marvel Studios revealed the official titles for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and The Marvels, they seemed to have skipped a reserved date. There was an unannounced project eyeing a release in October 2022. Until now, we never got an announcement of any kind. It looks like we won’t have to question its placement anymore, as it got revealed that the untitled film got postponed into October 2023 Now, the untitled film will release October 6th, 2023. It isn’t the only delay, as they also pushed back their November 3rd release in the same year by a week.

What film may have gotten delayed? Well, there have been hints that Mahershala Ali’s Blade film might’ve gotten pushed back during their search for a director. As such, it seems like the most likely candidate. Our very own Charles Murphy even predicted its placement for the 2022 line-up prediction. The film was originally going to enter production later this year and current delays might be the cause for the decision to push it back. They may have also decided to push back the film as 2022 was quite stacked in regards to Marvel Studios’ projects. Plus, there’s no point to rush the production just to hit that release date. It gives Stacy Ose-Kuffour can work out the script in more detail and we’ll have enough Marvel Studios projects to keep us busy until then.

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