UPDATE: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ AIM Cloning Labs Release Date Debunked

UPDATE #02: Well, it looks like it may have been false after all. It was a scheduled post that got released too early. This sadly opens up the question if it will be released this weekend but it is interesting that the post went up too early. So, there is a chance it could still happen but for now, Crystal Dynamics’ Community Manager Andy Wong has debunked the posting’s reveal.




We have been starving for content over on Marvel’s Avengers. It has already been some time since we got our hands on a new update with the Tachyon Rifts. They didn’t add too much new but it was a fun way to play existing missions. In a stream, we got the tease that they are currently finalizing the release of the AIM Cloning Labs that act as the first introduction to Omega Level-threats. They will build up into the massive raids we knew from other Games-as-a-Service franchises, such as Destiny. Now, it looks like their official German Facebook page may have accidentally revealed that the labs will release this weekend. Living in a German-speaking country really paid off with this one.

UPDATE: Looks like the Facebook Post was swiftly deleted giving some confirmation to its validity. Luckily, there is an image of the post:

This reveal is fantastic news for those just waiting for a new addition to the game. The developers have teased that this is just the first in an ever-escalating evolution of the game that will add new challenges over time. We already know from leaks that Black Panther will feature a raid even, where you have to infiltrate the Wakandan mines. Funny enough, an early and unfinished version of the labs was made available to some players early on. As such, they got a taste for what it offers and confirmed it includes some new environments.

Also, your actions will matter. Depending on how you play the game, the final battle will change. Crystal Dynamics did state it could take around six hours to complete it, so this will be quite a lengthy addition. Keep in mind, this will only be playable on weekends, so it is a limited window to play through and get the unique rewards at the end of the game. I cannot wait to try it out and see what an Avengers raid could look like.

Source: Facebook, Image by @mmmmmmmmiller, Twitter

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