‘Marvel’s Avengers’: First Look at Spider-Man’s Gameplay

avengers game spiderman gameplay

It looks like the first gameplay has found its way online of Marvel’s Avengers‘ upcoming Spider-Man DLC. There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding his addition due to him being PlayStation exclusive, but the fan-favorite has still been on many players’ radar. After a long wait, we finally got a small teaser trailer for his Hero Event, which is not the same as the usual operation, but nothing on his gameplay. Well, the wait is finally over as IGN has shared a new Hands-On Preview of Spider-Man in action and he seems quite promising.

There are comments made regarding the limitations of his swing, but that is a given with this game not being open-world like 2018’s Spider-Man. It’s great that they added a full swinging animation rather than how for example Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 handled it due to the restrictions. Of course, there’s a glass ceiling in the game, but it’s the same with any flying characters. So, it was to be expected, and still great they made it a swinging animation rather than just him switching from web to web.

His combat options certainly stand out, especially his heroics are quite creative. The web bomb looks like a great way to take care of a larger crowd, but a personal favorite will be his Ultimate, the Wrecking Ball. It reminds me of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension where he would form weapons out of his webs. Of course, there’s the highlight that we don’t get any story missions but it might be a deliberate decision due to his exclusive availability. So, their hands were probably tied in how they approached his DLC. Yet, he is not releasing standalone and is available with the game’s first raid, a complete overhaul of their gear system, and earnable cosmetics. So, while spidey is a more moderate addition, the game is getting a fairly large update.

Source: YouTube

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