‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Next War Table Finally Confirmed

We’ve all been waiting for something relating to Marvel’s Avengers future updates. Well, it looks like we are this close to some answers, as Square-Enix has officially sent out a newsletter confirming when we will be getting a War Table video. The best part is, we will get the video tomorrow at 4 PM GMT, so there won’t be a long wait as we initially expected. The video will be a deep dive into the character of Kate Bishop, who will be Crystal Dynamics’ first major addition to the game. The e-mail also comes with a brand new look at the character, and a short tease of her story.



Kate Bishop was on the fast track to becoming an Avenger when A-Day changed her course. Blindsided by the avengers’ disbandment and AIM’s crusade against Inhumans, she stuck with her mentor Clint Barton to investigate the disappearance of former SHIELD director Nick Fury.

It looks like we might get our answers to Fury’s storyline earlier than expected. Her story will also act as a set-up to that of Clint Barton, so it will be interesting to see how exactly they will connect. The video is confirmed as a Deep Dive, so we will most likely get a tease of her gameplay, skills, and missions. Hopefully, they will also highlight some future content within the video, which isn’t evident as of now.

Also, the fact that it is called a Deep Dive could be a hint at her being sooner rather than later. Keep in mind, that statement is just a theory of mine and not confirmed in any way. We hopefully will get an official release date within the video, as people believe she won’t be playable until December as of now. This reveal is fantastic news, as we finally are getting to the moment that Avengers can grow as a game. Here’s hoping this is just the first step that gets the ball rolling.

UPDATE: They have also shared the news on Twitter, so here is the official tweet confirming the video will be pre-recorded:

Source: Twitter

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