The First Footage from ‘MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS’ Has Debuted

The folks in Cinemacon are a lucky bunch this week. In addition to getting to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife in its entirety the other night, Warner Bros.’s presentation last night gave a first look at the much-awaited fourth Matrix film, officially titled Matrix: Resurrections. Check out the trailer description below:

The new trailer opens in San Francisco, with Neo now going by the name of Thomas and seemingly unaware of who he is. Neil Patrick Harris plays his therapist and a brief scene of Neo as Thomas is shown in a therapy session. Neo says, “I’ve had dreams that don’t seem like dreams. Am I crazy?” before he has flashbacks to events of the original trilogy.

The trailer also expands on the initial footage of Trinity and Neo meeting, but this time, they don’t seem to know each other even though they think they do. Trinity asks Neo as Thomas, “Have we met?” The trailer then shifts into montage mode, with Neo observing day-to-day life in the Matrix’s version of San Francisco. Finally, Mateen shows up and he looks like a young Morpheus, saying, “Time to fly,” before offering Neo a red pill and a blue pill. Then, another young woman with blue hair takes Neo through a mirror, showing him the Matrix.

Another scene sees young Morpheus and Neo fighting before Neo breaks the dojo room with his powers. The trailer also shows that the machine pods are back, as are the Agents, and the franchise’s signature action. Trinity can be seen fighting police officers and Agents at one point before the clip ends with Neo pulling his signature move, stopping bullets with his mind, before he redirects an entire missile at a helicopter.

Matrix: Resurrections is still purportedly supposed to release later this December but given how the pandemic situation is erratic domestically and worldwide, there’s a good chance for this to get delayed. A possible release delay could easily mean we won’t see this trailer for a while which is disappointing because that footage description sounds incredible. If all goes well, this film could be a return to form for the Wachowskis.

Source: Screenrant

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