Matt Reeves ‘BATMAN’ Trilogy To Introduce New Joker

According to a report from The Direct via insider Daniel RPK, Matt Reeves‘ planned Batman trilogy will introduce its own, unique version of the Joker to square off with Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight! The report indicates that Reeves will tease the character in 2021’s The Batman before bringing the latest Jester or Genocide into play in the second and third films.

Should the report hold true, we would be seeing the fifth version of the Joker on the big screen and the third version in, presumably, less than a decade. Jack Nicholson’s Joker was the first to hit the stage in 1989’s Batman, followed by Heath Ledger‘s legendary performance in 2008’s The Dark Knight. More recently, Jared Leto‘s Joker was more of a a joke in 2016’s Suicide Squad and Joaquin Phoenix took an entirely different turn as a plodding, down-on-his-luck schmuck who had bad day in 2019’s Joker. Given the look of Reeves’ new series, it seems his Joker is more likely to follow his own path than to take inspiration from either of the latest incarnations

While a third Joker in 5-7 years may seem like a lot, I’m firmly in the camp that Batman can’t be fully realized without the Joker. While I’m eager to see new interpretations of the Penguin, the Riddler and Catwoman, it’s the Joker that has driven the majority of the great Batman arcs in the comics. Of course I’m also firmly in the camp that you can’t have a fully realized Batman without Dick Grayson, but so far there’s no sign of the Boy Wonder getting another shot to shine in this new adaptation.

The Batman is set to hit theaters in 2021 and, apparently, spawn a trilogy of films that will span the first half of the decade.

Source: The Direct

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