Matt Reeves Provides Update on ‘The Batman’ Sequel Script

The landscape of Warner’s DC films has been in major upheaval since James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired as co-CEOs to oversee the newly formed DC Studios. Various projects, including Wonder Woman 3 and a sequel to Black Adam, have been scrapped in favor of a fresh start for the new executive creative team. One project that has remained on the slate following these changes, however, is the upcoming sequel to The Batman. It’s confirmed that the Matt Reeves-directed 2022 film will be the first in a new saga overseen by the filmmaker which will exist in a universe that will apparently be separate from whatever creative direction Gunn and Safran lead at DC Studios.

One notable question from audiences is when they should expect this new film. In a recent interview, Reeves provided an update on the status of his new script for The Batman’s sequel.

I mean, I can’t give an update on that in terms of specifics, except to tell you that we are hard at work on the script. My partner (Mattson Tomlin) and I are deep in it and I’m excited about what we’re going to do.

Matt Reeves

Ultimately, there isn’t too much to glean from this specific quote about Matt Reeves’ new film. The notion that the film is deep in the scripting phase indicates that audiences shouldn’t expect to see Robert Pattinson return as the Caped Crusader in the immediate future.

Fans of the well-received 2022 superhero film will be able to return to Gotham City before then, however; The Penguin is set to begin filming throughout 2023, which means a 2024 release for the Colin Farrell-led is likely. Meanwhile, shows based around the Gotham City Police Department and Arkham Asylum are in development at HBO Max.


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