Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ Sequel Still in Development But is “Years Away”

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We’ve all been excited when we got the announcement that Matt Reeves‘ The Batman was getting a sequel. Not only was the first film quite the global hit during the pandemic with $770M, but it also set up a new trilogy with an expansive franchise being built around it. HBO Max would feature a Penguin-focused series with Colin Farrell set to return in the role. That was not all, as there was also an Arkham Asylum project in some form of development. Yet, Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent shake-ups have made their future quite unknown for many.

In a new piece by Variety, they offer some insight into what the future looks like even if it remains quite the mess. According to them, The Batman is still in development but doesn’t have a greenlight yet. As such, the project isn’t likely to see the light of day for a few years. This does add some uncertainty if whoever takes over DC Studios in the future has the patience to let Matt Reeves do his thing while he works on the sequel for an extended period of time. Plus, who knows if the spinoff series is as safe as some reports seemingly hinted at.

It’s bizarre they aren’t trying to fast-track this project, especially if they are keeping up with the multiverse angle as Joker’s sequel is in active development. Plus, Reeves’ own little pocket universe offered something that made it stand out in the blockbuster landscape, and yet Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to create a unified universe. So, who knows if this might become an issue down the line with many visions colliding at some point.

Source: Variety

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