Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ Sequel to Feature Clayface

While we still have little to no information on what to expect in a The Batman sequel, a rather curious little detail may have unveiled one of the main antagonists in Matt Reeves‘ expanding Elseworld DC universe. In an article by Deadline on a pitch by Mike Flanagan for an original film based around the Batman rogue Clayface, they unveil that he will also be featured in The Batman Part 2.

There is no word though if Flanagan‘s take might actually occur within the other universe, or might be part of the greater James Gunn and Peter Safran DC Universe. Reeves has his own plans that are seemingly moving forward even as Warner Bros. Discovery aims to establish a single universe. The Penguin spinoff is currently filming and we also know of one more project focused on Arkham Asylum that seemingly is still in early development.

Clayface as a villain in the more down-to-earth take on the Dark Knight opens up many new avenues. While the popular choice was Mr. Freeze given how Gotham ended up flooded at the end of the first film, who knows if they’ll truly take the actor background that many connect with the character of Clayface, the man once known as Basil Karlo.

They might take another more grounded take or slowly expand Batman’s world into the supernatural after the first was a classic noir. The only one who knows is Matt Reeves and we’ll have to wait a bit longer until we get our first look or hint at what the sequel has to offer. Once castings start, then we’ll likely truly know more.

Source: Deadline

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