‘Moon Knight’ Head Writer On Marc Spector’s Avenging Future

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Moon Knight, Marvel Studios’ next installment, is headed to Disney+ in just under a month. With the series’ March 30th release date on the horizon, Marvel is ramping up its promotion for the lesser-known superhero. While Moon Knight is a name even Marvel fans may be unfamiliar with, it looks like caped vigilante could be set to stick around the MCU in a significant way.

Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater told Total Film that he does not know Marvel Studios’ long-term plan for the character. When asked if Moon Knight was gearing up to enter the wider MCU, Slater stated:

The honest answer is I don’t know…Because Kevin [Feige] is the guy who decides all that stuff. Look, if it was up to me, he would be part of the Avengers. It’s absolutely not up to me, but I think that is the goal!

Jeremy Slater

While it is no surprise that Moon Knight’s MCU future is a secret, it is telling that Slater believes that goal is for the character to break out of his solo outing into a larger team-up or crossover role in the future. Of course, Marvel Studios characters tend to end up as members of the Avengers or other teams. But Phase 4 is introducing new characters at a speed and quantity that is unprecedented even for Marvel Studios, so it is easy to wonder if some characters will be handled differently than fans have been used to.

Before any potential Avengers team-up, Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight will star in his solo series, which promises to be a unique entry in the MCU. The first episode of the series will hit Disney+ on March 30.

Source: Total Film via Games Radar

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