‘Moon Knight’s Episode 1 Set-Up [SPOILERS] Arrival in Episode 4

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This article will contain spoilers on the latest episode of Moon Knight. Only continue at your own risk if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Moon Knight surprised viewers with its fourth episode, as we got the sudden reveal of Marc Spector in a mental asylum. To top it off, every character we met along the way was also there and his arch-nemesis Harrow turned into his psychiatrist. It left us with many questions, especially when Marc met a physical version of Steven in this world. So, it’s been quite the experience for him that gets even crazier when they meet a humanoid hippo, who lovers of Egyptian mythology will recognize as Taweret.

What Is That SPOILER At the End of Moon Knight Episode 4?

It turns out that the team already set the seeds for the Goddess’ arrival in this episode in the first episode. Actress Lucy Thackeray, who many will remember as Steven’s snarky co-worker at the museum, on how the team behind the Disney+ series set up her arrival with a small mention in the initial episode when they were stocking up. She goes on to highlight:

I’ve heard about the hippo, but I have no idea. Somebody else asked about the hippo, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry?’ One of our little scenes in the stockroom, actually, the very beginning of the scene, I say something like, ‘Bring the hippos over here,’ and [Steven] says, ‘Oh no, they’re actually called Taweret.’ You’ve gotta really be listening. But other than that, I literally have no idea what to expect. I’ve heard little things from other cast members [about the last episode], and it all sounds crazy.

Lucy Thackeray

It certainly sounds like the cast has gotten different perspectives on the major twist, but all are missing the greater picture. Marvel Studios has always been famous for its habit of keeping secrets. So, once the final episode drops, it’ll definitely be a surprise for everyone involved what exactly was going on in this six-episode Disney+ series.

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