‘Mortal Kombat’: Joe Taslim’s 4-Film Contract Hints at Sub-Zero’s Dark Future

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We are only a day away from Mortal Kombat finally releasing in theaters and HBO Max. In anticipation, Sub-Zero actor, Joe Taslim, shared his excitement for the project with Variety. In it, he revealed that he has signed up for four more installments if the film turns out successful. Now, it isn’t uncommon nowadays that actors have multiple sequels in their contracts. What makes this particular contract interesting is the history that Bi-Han has in the games. Of course, there is a chance that the film takes a unique direction for his character, but the signs are hinting at his future echoing the games.


Mortal Kombat's Joe Taslim Reveals He's Signed on for Four Sequels


HBO Max released the first seven minutes of the film, which gave us our main conflict between Hanzo Hasashi and Bi-Han. Now, if you haven’t played the games only continue reading at your own risk. For those that have played the original trilogy from 1992 to 1995, their battle would eventually lead to one of them winning. Scorpion took the life of the one that murdered his family. His brother, Kuai Liang, would take on the mantle, but his brother’s soul wasn’t truly able to rest.

In Mortal Kombat II, a secret character named Noob Saibot made his debut. We would later find out that this is actually a resurrected Bil-Han, who would continue his conflict with Scorpion and even his younger brother. The sorcerer Quan Chi took his humanity and turned him into a pure evil soul seeking vengeance. Now, the film series might take a very different approach to not just repeat the games. There is a chance he might end up living on, as Kuai Liang is notably absent. We’ve theorized that the original character, Cole Young, could be revealed as the younger Sub-Zero. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what the future of Sub-Zero could look like.

Source: Variety

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