‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Ties Explained

Through 3 episodes of Ms. Marvel, fans have learned much about Kamala Khan. And while she’s already gone through changes over the course of the first half of the series, one thing that hasn’t changed yet is her love for Carol Danvers. Just like the comics, the MCU’s Kamala Khan is Captain Marvel’s biggest fan, and Episode 3 of the series just provided what might prove to be the bridge between the two characters.

As Kamala learns about the origins of her bangle from the Clandestine through a flashback, the audience learns that it was taken by Kamala’s great-grandmother from the arm of a blue alien. While there are certainly several species of blue aliens in the pages of Marvel Comics and already a few established in the MCU, it seems most likely that the bangle came from the arm of a Kree. Should that arm indeed have belonged to a long-since-dead Kree, it’s incredibly likely that it is one of a pair (the other is missing for the time being) of powerful bands with ties to the Kree Empire.

While the true identity of the bands will remain unclear for the time being, it does seem safe to assume that Kamala’s bangle is either a Quantum Band or a Nega-Band, both associated with the Kree, though in different ways. The Quantum Bands, also knows as the Power Bands of Rinn, are hundreds of thousands of years old and have been assigned, over the years, by a cosmic being named Eon (who recently showed up in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thudner) to the Protectors of the Universe. In the comics, one such protector was the Kree hero Mar-Vell. The Quantum Bands have been shown to have a wide array of powers depenind on who weilds them, among them the ability to create constructs out of energy, taken from the Quantum Zone, such as those demonstrated by Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel. The Nega-Bands, of which there are multiple pair, are Kree-created weapons that mimic much of the powers associated with the Quantum Bands, but have a connection to the Negative Zone, rather than the Quantum Realm.

Regardless of whether Kamala’s bangle is one of the Quantum Bands of the Nega-Bands, it’s clearly connected to the Kree and provides a straight shot of a plot point to bring Carol Danvers into the mix eventually. While the clear and present threat to Kamala comes from the Clandestine, it’s also very likely that her use of the bangle will attract the attention of the Kree Empire, providing them a very good reason to come nosing around on Earth. With Iman Vellani set to play a lead role in The Marvels, it’s becoming very clear how Marvel Studios plans to get to there from here and why they chose to change Kamala’s origins in the MCU.

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